Roon WiFi - what's going on?

Published : 2017-01-29 17:42:25
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We've been a certified Roon Labs partner for over a year now and we're proud to have their continued support on the IQaudIO audio boards.

We have locked down Raspberry Pi Roon firmware, this is done for a number of reasons, but basically Roon users shouldn't need to go anywhere near the Pi software to enjoy Roon delights.

Now, if you want to use WiFi* then there is a need to have the Pi know about your WiFi network and here is where the issue comes, especially with the Pi3 and it's build in WiFi hardware.

Raspbian allows for users to edit the /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf file and then at Pi startup, the file is moved to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and your WiFi settings are configured allowing a connection to our home WiFi router to be established. Then the IQaudIO device showing us as a playback node on the Roon network.

BUT it doesn't work. Well it didn't - but it does now. The previous Raspbian lite release didn't make this magical copy happen, only the full Raspbian release with GUI - pretty pointless for a headless audio playback device.

The following firmware images now support the magical WiFi configuration from the SD card's /boot partition allowing you to set your WiFi network configuration on a PC or Mac before placing the micro SD card in the Pi. (for Pi-DAC+/Pi-DAC PRO/Pi-DigiAMP/Pi-AMP) (for Pi-Digi+ only)

Both are available here.

Thanks to Tamura, Peter, Frits and others for helping get to the bottom of this.

* For HiRes music we always recommend a ethernet cabled connection. 

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