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Published : 2017-05-29 13:44:01
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David recently wrote to us about how he enjoys his mix of classic audio equipment and his IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ / Raspberry Pi. Some pictures and details of his system are below. 

For doing so, David receives a copy of TheMagPi #57 with Google Voice HAT. We're also going to throw in a Pi-DAC PRO so he can upgrade his digital side in parallel. He's invited us to drop past - an offer we'll sure to take him up on in the future - just to listed to those glorious Quad 57 electrostatics!

Well done David.

Note: If reading this inspires you to send in the details of your system then please email info@iqaudio.com and we'll send those selected an IQaudIO gift in return.

Main system

David's audio setup:

  • Vinyl front end – Garrard 401, SME V and Van Den Hull Colibri cartridge 
  • Pre-amp – passive silver wired resister pots in an old Leak Varioscope case 
  • Power amp – Leak Stereo 20 from about 1961 
  • Speakers – Quad 57 electostatics – some of the last ones ever built in 1982 
  • REL strata V subwoofer
  • Raspberry Pi and IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ (Green edition)

I have just set up the Raspberry Pi and the IQ audio pi-DAC feeding my hi-fi system. My system is very good with a hand built super high quality passive pre-amp, Leak Stereo 20 valve power amp and the wonderful Quad ELS 57 electrostatic speakers. The sound quality through the system is so beautiful and rich. It is so much better than my highly regarded Shandling CD player. It is detailed and full without being tiring and draws you deep into the music like all great systems do. Thanks a lot IQ audio – it is a truly world class product as far as I am concerned! 

David G. (York)

Leak Varislope III

Quad 57 Electrostatic speakers

Leak Stereo 20 power amp

Garrard 401, SME V and Van Den Hull Colibri cartridge

Enough listening time?

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