NEW PRODUCT: The CosmicController

Published : 2018-01-16 19:30:35
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The CosmicController is a pHAT (Pi Zero sized) accessory for the Raspberry Pi / Pi Zero. It connects to the Pi via the 40way GPIO header and supports 3x buttons, 3x white LEDs, a Rotary encoder (volume control) with switch. It also provides support for an optional IR receiver and I2C 128x64 OLED display.

The Cosmic Controller has been designed to not use GPIO already used by our audio boards so can be added pretty simply and fits above the Pi-DAC+ or Pi-DAC PRO (additional Pin headers need to be added to the Pi-DAC+ and Pi-DAC PRO).

It also allows of the GPIO used to be changed - By using the 1x15 pin header rather than the 40way Pi header. Each Button, LED etc can be remapped to whatever you need through the use of individual wired between the Pi and Cosmic Controller.

There's sample Python code on our GitHub page to get you started....

Available now as a self solder kit:

  • 1x CosmicController PCB with SMT parts pre-soldered
  • 1x 40way female Pin header
  • 3x Buttons
  • 1x Rotary Encoder with switch

Optional parts (available on our store but purchased separately):

  • 1x OLED 128x64 I2C display
  • 1x Vishay IR sensor
  • 1x 2x5 male long tail right angled pin header (makes attaching the OLED ribbon cable much easier)
  • 1x Aluminium Volume knob (Black)
  • 1x HAT PCB Spacers and screws.


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