New Pi-DAC+ and Pi-DigiAMP in stock

Published : 2018-10-08 15:33:31
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Many of you have been asking when the Pi-DAC+ and Pi-DigiAMP+ will be back in stock, well we've gone one better and not only are they back in stock but we've added even more features to the mix.

We've also added a new case redesigned to support the lower profile boards and the two piece speaker cable terminals. It's also got better airflow too.

Both new boards have:

  • Pre-programmed EEPROMs for instant Linux configuration
  • Replicated 40way GPIO header
  • Low profile female headers
  • Raspberry Pi3B+ compatible

The Pi-DigiAMP+ also supports

  • Uprated voltage handling with 24v input (for even louder playback)
  • Delivers 2.5amp to the Pi allowing screens and USB devices to be used in parallel
  • New 2 piece screw terminals delivering easier cable management
  • Reduced price


More photos to come...

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