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Published : 2017-04-28 16:40:40
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Fantastic Product - 

B. Hadfield 12/04/17

Everything you need in one bundle. The quality of the DAC is outstanding and it works out the box with PiCorePlayer. I highly recommend this product (and PiCorePlayer which makes setting up a SqueezeServer player really simple)

FAB – U – LOUS!! - 

C. Mackinnon 24/03/17

What is quite rare is to find a product that not only exceeds your expectations in terms of performance but is also reasonably priced.  Now add superb backup response and what you have is the IQAudio and their Pi-DAC+.

I am using this to stream Internet radio and a music collection stored on a 128g USB stick through my Raspberry Pi running Moode Audio.  The whole combination is a complete joy.  The output is to a relatively old Meridian amp and Monitor Audio speakers all with high quality cables.

I seem to be getting a much wider and deeper soundstage than even the excellent Meridian CD player (from good FLAC files).  It also brings out detail that I have never heard before.

FAB – U – LOUS!!

Works brilliantly - 

N. Burman 13/03/17

I've only tried this with the Optical TOSLINK digital output feeding my Dali Kubik One soundbar. I can't fault it. Does the job brilliantly. I'm using Volumio (latest release as at 7/3/2017). Select the HiFiBerry Digi as the output device to get this working. 

Significant Upgrade - 

N. Will 12/03/17

I replaced my old Musical Fidelity V-DAC v1 with a Raspberry Pi 2 and the Pi-DACZero, running Roon. I did like what I was hearing. It did indeed sound much better that what I had before. But I was still doubtful, as it is clear that the mind plays tricks and that improvements "heard" can be because you have just introduced something new, and you want it to sound better. Then the lady of the house came into the room: "Has something changed in the equipment? It sounds so much better, suddenly!" 'Nuf said!


Excellent - 

A. Zheleznov 03/03/17

Now I use Pi-Dac Pro on Raspberry Pi3 board with RuneAudio player and tube power amp. After some internal tuning of RuneAudio (reducing cpu clock, SOX upsampling and so on) would like to assure that this set sounds really pretty good, even better than my portable player Fiio X5 II. I 'm impressed. Sound is clear, impressive and with good low attack. Thank you so much for this excellent device Pi-DAC Pro. But it seems to me very strange that so low information and feedbacks about this DAC in the Internet. But nevertheless I will recommend this hi quality DAC for purchaise. It can sound on a par with brand-name devices.

Grado SR80e - 

R. Quintana 02/03/17

If you are looking for a decent pair of headphones and don´t want to break your piggy bank, the Grado SR80e is a great choice. The heaphones have a distintive vintage look and a great sound with lots of treble well balanced middles and a fair amount of bass. It is worth mentioning that the heaphones does not provide full isolation because they are open-back on-ear headphones style, Then they are not a good choice if you plan to use them in noisy envirnoments. I use the headphones mainly to listen Jazz, Rock and Baroque music and the sound is great. They sound better than more expensive brands. The carryng case is a plus. As a concluding remark, I can say that these headphones provides a well balanced choice between quality, price and moreover, a great sound brought to you by the great and fast service of IQaudio.

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