Kevin's fab sounding IQaudIO / MoOde based 2.1 home system

Published : 2017-10-24 12:46:21
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My system I love, it is the “main” system for the main living area. The sound is amazing and many cannot believe a box that small with speakers that small put out the kind of sound that ones hears!


My setup:

  • USB Hard drive with local FLAC music files, Stream (Tidal (Hi Fi))
  • Raspberry Pi and IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ / Pi-AMP+
  • Home built case for Raspberry Pi, Pi-DAC+ / Pi-AMP+, 12mm Baltic Birch, stained with Cherry Veneer front, Tung Oil Finished, stainless screen top, Lexan bottom.
  • Headless operating system Moode Audio
  • Home built TABAQ quarter wave speakers, 12mm Baltic Birch stained with Cherry Veneer fronts, Tung Oil finished
    • (Full Range Drivers, Tang Band W3-315E)
    • Home built (“Voxel” mini sub), 12mm Baltic Birch stained, Tung Oil finished
    • (Sub Driver, Tang Band W5-1138SMF)


view from top


top angle

sub woofer

Kevin (Airdrie, Alberta)

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