Ian's mighty DAC Zero build

Published : 2017-10-24 13:39:21
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A few pictures of my amplifier project.  The first one uses a modified Yuan Jing Audio Texas Instruments TPA3116 amplifier board with upgraded capacitors and inductors combined with a Yuan Jing Audio 6N3/6Z4 valve pre-amp using Russian valves, Meanwell power supplies, Raspberry Pi Zero with IQudIO DAC Zero, Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer, hi-gain WiFi dongle all fitted in an Audiophonics (France) case running Picoreplayer.

All my music is ripped in FLAC on a Synology NAS and played through Fostex FE126 horn speakers which I built.

The second amp is pretty much identical but only running ( at the moment...) a standard YJ TPA3116 board and a Raspberry Pi B+ and an IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ as there was a bit more room, again running Picoreplayer. 

My system consisted of a Squeezebox Classic, Cambridge Audio DacMagic and a Puresound A30 valve amplifier with the Fostex horns.  To my ears the amp sounds as good as the Puresound so I am now selling it as I really like the "just add speakers one box solution" and bearing in mind the amp is only about 20% of the cost of the A30 I think it represents amazing value, As I'm sure you are aware the TPA3116 amplifier boards have a very big following in the DIY audio community which was my inspiration for the build. 
The valve pre amp with transformer costs about £32 and the basic amplifier board is £12.

Ian (UK)

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