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Published : 2017-03-03 16:36:05
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Terrific!!! -

A.Walker 27/2/17

I can't believe it but this little thing is the best sounding hi-fi component I've ever had. My formerly beloved Marantz CD player and Musical Fidelity X-Can headphone amp are now retired because the Pi equipped with this DAC beats that combo hands down. I still can't believe it but hearing is believing and I'm a believer. Superb sound. Good with every track I've tested but try and get some well recorded, naturally miked acoustic music (anything from Chesky Records would be perfect for this) and you'll be grinning from ear to ear. I can't wait to get home tonight to rip tracks from my Mercury Living Presence CDs to play through this little beauty.

Real Class - 

C Cowie 25/2/17

I have been running two Squeezebox players over the last few years one connected to a pretty good dac. I got the latest PI (3) and thought I would give the audio a boost. Very glad that I did. The sound with this dac is great. I had one or two teething problems largely due to the fact that I didn't read the guide. Rather than go search on a forum I contacted Gordon direct. He responded almost immediately and got me back on track. Very happy. Now have a really good media streamer at a fraction of the cost for an over the counter product. 

Worthy replacement for Squeezebox Receiver - 

S.Briggs 22/2/17

I installed a Pi-DAC+ on a Pi3 running PiCorePlayer and made a direct comparison with my Squeezebox Receiver, and the difference is very noticeable - the DAC+ allows me to hear details in my music that I haven't heard before. Still an easy listen, I have spent several hours enjoying the new experience. If you are a Squeezebox fan, a Pi and DAC+ is a real treat - recommended.

Outstanding Product and Customer Service - 

J.Ferris 20/2/17

For my bartop arcade build, I wanted something better than the on-board audio. Did research, and saw a lot of people were really happy with the Pi-DAC+. Ordered, and received in less than a week, which is better than most turnaround times that I have when ordering from overseas. Installation was a breeze, following the thorough directions in the guide. I was up and running in minutes, and the difference in audio quality is night and day, whether it is through the 3.5mm jack or by connecting an amplifier. The only issue that I had was that I could not get some older media files to play. Gordon quickly identified my issue, which was to upsample the media, and I was off to the races. Will not hesitate to order again, and have already recommended to a couple of friends.

Outstanding Product and Customer Service - 

D.Round 13/2/17

Just to say that my initial impressions of the Pi Dac+ combination is that this a truly superb product. I am comparing to some really high end Linn kit that I used to own and compared to my current Linn Akurate DS1 the differences are subtle to say the least! Despite having no electronics background I assembled the bundle in about 30 minutes, downloaded the Moodeaudio image and configured it via the very straightforward browser interface and it was up and running. It picked up my NAS running Minimserver without any hitches and can be controlled by either Kinsky or Bubble UPnP control points faultlessly. Again thank you for this excellent product and the great support.

Bam! - 

K.Zerr 28/1/17

A knockout punch for sound improvement! I wasn't expecting as much of an improvement that the Pi-DAC+ provided. Wow, could not believe the improvement right through the sound stage. Bass, midrange and highs all improved. Even the tone/sound was clearer. One needs to have high res files like FLAC though to be able to get these improvements. In the future I will definitely be purchasing more IQaudiO product!

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