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Published : 2018-10-21 17:55:53
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I often get music on USB-stick or internet and I want to listen to it on my large speakers in a easy way. So I started off by locking around internet. There I found out about Volumio and IQaudIO, who had a DAC with balanced output witch suit me fine, thou I had some Raspberry-pi 3+ laying around.

Demo and test mixes goes through the network with my phone as a remote control and I try to use balanced equipment where I can.

The Pi and DAC PRO

I´m not a tube romantic so I get this idea for a preamplifier:

To the right a PSU 35v DC

In the middle Raspberry Pi and Iqaudio DAC-Pro

Front: Volume with stepper motor for remote control

Neutrik USB chassis connector I will put in a LED so i´ll get a pover light and for to see were the memory should fit in and it´s easier to drill a round hole, than a square one.

Input selector

All transformers are Lundahl https://www.lundahltransformers.com

Upper left corner shall be a Riaa: https://www.diyaudio.com/Solid/JFET-Phono-Preamplifier-Kit/diy-jfet-riaa-phono-preamp.html for my Technics SL-1100

On the outside I have:

QSC 1400 Power amplifier (Modified, now it´s quiet)

Yamaha NS-1000 Loudspeakers

AudioTronic CM3 Loudspeakers

Love those NS-1000's

As a review:

Balanced output, a new way of thinking in this price segment. This is cheap and great fun for us home brewers. My test is working fine and sounds nice. Thanks for fast delivery and what´s important today, very good communication.

A satisfied customer who felt safe at IQaudIO!

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