This is a combined DAC and AMP solution in one device.

Full-HD stereo (up to 2x35w) solution for the Raspberry Pi (A+/B+/2/3), complete with PCB spacers and screws.

*** RPi2/RPi3/ RPi3B+ COMPATIBLE ***


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Raspberry Pi3 compatible YES
Full-HD 192kHz / 24bit YES
Pi-CASE+ Compatible YES

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Designed to deliver the best audio performance from the Raspberry Pi A+/B+/RPi2/3, fit within the Pi’s form factor and provide additional access to several of the Pi’s 40way I/O signals allowing easy addition of IR sensors, Rotary Encoder or i2c devices (such as OLED screens) etc.

The Pi-DigiAMP+ takes everything we’ve learned from the previous Pi-AMP+ and Pi-DAC+ combination, shrinks it down and reduced the overall system cost by around £25!

We have used the latest Texas Instruments chipset (TAS5756m) to deliver awesome performance from a single HAT board. As with our other products you can be assured that the Linux driver support is already built-in to Raspbian Linux (using the same device drivers as the Pi-DAC+) and supported by the many software audio packages already on the market. RuneAudio / Volumio / Moode / PiCorePlayer / PiMusicBox / OpenELEC and others. The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ easily supports 24-bit / 192kHz file formats but is equally at home with lower quality MP3s bringing your music alive sonically.

Please note that The Pi-DigiAMP+ uses GPIO22 as amp-mute and when powered on is in mute state, examples are in the user docs and many software releases already support the Pi-AMP+ in the same way.

The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ connects easily to the Raspberry Pi and provides up to 2 x 35W stereo output to speakers.

The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ Features:

  • HAT compliant accessory; EEPROM, mounting holes
  • Full-HD audio – up to 24-bit/192kHz playback
  • Up to 2x35w of crystal clear amplification
  • No soldering required to your Raspberry Pi
  • Integrated hardware volume control (via ALSA)
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi from the Pi-DigiAMP+ power input
  • Linux driver support already delivered within Raspbian
  • AMP can be enabled / disabled via Raspberry Pi’s GPIO22
  • Advanced ESD protection
  • Uses the digital I2S audio signals to reduce CPU load over USB audio solutions
  • Fully built and tested Raspberry Pi accessory
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ is suitable for the latest Raspbery Pi A+/B+, RPi2 AND RPi3 it is not compatible with much older Raspberry Pi A and B Models.

The Pi-DigiAMP+ is supplied with all mounting hardware. 

NOTE: The Pi-DigiAMP+ requires an external power supply / brick, and when powered the Pi-DigiAMP+ provides power to your Raspberry Pi in parallel. We recommend and sell the XP Power 19v supply (for 2x35w). 

Power Supply

If you intend to mount your Pi / Pi-DigiAMP+ on the official 7" screen then you'll need to also buy the extra spacer pack



As usual - great product

I admit, I am biased - I have 4 Pi DAC+ and the Pi Zero Equivalent, and run Roon throughout the house. With a spare set of speakers, I needed a device that could amplify and be a DAC at the same time - so I got the DigiAMP+ - I am simply amazed at how easy it is to get this going: connect with Pi, put in the case, connect speaker wires, load Roon, set volume at 24 (of 100) and enjoy. Gordon, many thanks for doing these products (and making them Roon-savvy). Such a joy! (and no, he did not pay me for this review, I paid for his products with pleasure)


DietPi and Roon

finally managed to get this working with DietPi build and Roon Bridge. Only wish is DSD support but can live with downsampling.

Impressed with the volume this puppy can give into a 4Ohm bookshelf.

Wondering what the MAX Voltage the board can take as the chip used can run 12-24V it seems.

Bang for buck...definitely!!!

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Very Happy with my DigiAMP+

I replaced my Sonos with the DigiAMP+. The DigiAMP+ sound quality is much better (and cheaper). It also replaced my other audio equipment because the DigiAMP+ sounds better and takes less space.

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R Ziekman

Very nice product! To my opinion (I am no real expert) very good audio quality; sharp sound, proper bass, and I can't hear any noise. And indeed more than enough volume for a room 5x6 m2. With modest power input, very cool this class D aplifier..I use it with Kodi, and with the new OSMC image it worked at once. I found it good fun to assemble it myself. Gordon supplies very good service, thanks!

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Great for my public sound exhibition

I used four of these to drive a speaker array on Lincoln High street in September this year. They ran 24/7 for a week at high volume with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

I used the Moode distro for testing as Volumio had no security login at that point & anyone could connect to the Pi and make changes.

What other people have said about physical stability is right. You need a case to stop the Pi being pulled off the table by the speaker cables. I actually screwed the base of my CAMAC cases to MDF blocks for extra weight - ugly but effective.

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Stunning little thing

Well made, sound is good according to me using a good quality laptop power supply. No noise or hiss that I can hear even at night when leaved on. I suggest that you get the offered case+ at the same time cause it gets a little messy if you don't. (I had to cut my original rpi case with an xacto) and everything is so small and light that it is not leveled on the rubber feets and a little unstable on a surface. BTW, people at IQAudio are great too, good communication, stands behind their products, no fuss. To sum it all, great product for someone looking to build a simple 2.0 streamer on a budget going diy.

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Awesome little bit of kit!

I have two of the Pi-DAC+ which I have coupled with Max2Play and Squeezelite to create a multiroom streaming audio setup using Raspberry pi2's. I am very happy with the result and use iPeng to control the setup.

Recently I moved my old Bose wave radio out of the office and wanted to replace it with another streaming unit - however I have no amp in the office so I needed a self contained solution. I purchased the Pi-DigiAMP+ and have to say I am once again blown away by the quality these little boards can put out. It is quite happily driving a set of Monitor Audio BR2's. I have moved the jumper to 26dB to gain a bit more volume but will ultimately mate this to a secondhand Acoustimass 5 system as space is a bit of a premium. Very impressed once again - nice one!

I fitted the rotary encoder volume to the case for a manual volume override. Very smart and stylish and all self contained - what's not to like?

Ps - moving the gain jumper resulted in more volume and I can't hear the reduction in sound quality that apparently results...


Genuine high fidelity audio

I am by no means a "techie" but I wanted a low-cost streamer, DAC and amp for my office. I looked at various "big name" options as well as some of the "giant-killer" budget DACs and T-amps etc, but this ticked all the boxes.

Hooking it up was child's play, Gordon from IQaudio was very supportive and the sound is absolutely fantastic - it drives my Tannoy DC4s with 89dB sensitivity easily and Moode is pre-configured to work (auto unmute etc). The sound is absolutely first rate - my main hi fi rig is many, many times more expensive but the IQaudio Pi-DigiAMP+ has me wondering whether I should keep it! Both Gordon and his products are highly recommended.

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Great addition to my audio pi family!

The Digi-Amp works brilliantly and exactly as advertised. I had some difficulty getting the GPIO to work as I wanted, but using the images IQaudio make available resolved this:). I've settled on Moode (which I use also on my Pi-Dac+ with my main system), but it worked just as well with Volumio and Rune.

If you have concerns the volume may be a little low, don't This drives my older B&W686 very well, and simply belts music out from the more sensitive Klipsch RP-260Fs. Great fun:)

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This is a combined DAC and AMP solution in one device.

Full-HD stereo (up to 2x35w) solution for the Raspberry Pi (A+/B+/2/3), complete with PCB spacers and screws.

*** RPi2/RPi3/ RPi3B+ COMPATIBLE ***