The de-facto audiophile DAC for the Raspberry Pi. This latest revision of our Pi-DAC+ is pre-programmed for auto detection & exposes the full Raspberry Pi GPIO header providing easy access for buttons, sensors, screens etc.

Line out: 2x Phono/RCA

Headphone: 3.5mm socket

Complete with PCB spacers (9mm) & screws. 

Compatible with all 40way Raspberry Pi (inc RPi4)

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Out of stock, more arriving soon!

£ 33.00

Data sheet

Raspberry Pi4 compatible YES
Raspberry Pi3+ compatible YES
Raspberry Pi-Zero compatible Electrical: YES / Physical: NO
XLR compatible NO

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The Pi-DAC+ Rev4 plugs directly on the Raspberry Pi, there’s no need to solder or modify your Raspberry Pi and you can be enjoying Full HD audio in minutes. With a pre-programmed HAT EEPROM it'll also auto configure  itself in Raspbian with zero user effort.

The Pi-DAC+ feature the same great Texas Instruments PCM5122 DAC as our previous audio DACs, and also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier delivering a complete all-in one Full HD audio experience for those who listen through headphones. Volume control is built in, eliminating the need for software volume controls of some other audio accessories.

A fully HAT compliant Raspberry Pi expansion board with Pre-programmed EEPROM support, the Pi-DAC+ delivers Full HD audio from your Raspberry Pi. 

  • Raspberry Pi HAT (A+/B+/2/3/3B+) compliant accessory
  • Pre-programmed EEPROM for auto configuration
  • Full-HD Linux audio – up to 24-bit/192kHz playback
  • Integrated hardware volume control (via ALSA), full 2v RMS
  • Built in high quality audio headphone amplifier (TI TPA6133A)
  • Class leading audio; 112db SNR, and -93db THD
  • Audiophile TI Burr Brown 32-bit/384kHz DAC (TI PCM5122)
  • Advanced ESD protection
  • Digital I2S audio signals
  • Raspberry Pi powered, no external power requirements
  • Industry standard audio quality Phono/RCA connectors
  • Full GPIO access with no soldering required
  • Fully built and tested Raspberry Pi accessory 
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



No brainer for price/performance ratio and stability

I have been using it for around 3 years now(well, the DAC not the DAC+ because it did not exist at that time) and i am really glad i bought it. I already bought an acryl case and the AMP module for it. They missed the case type so they sent me a correct one and I did not even had to send back the wrong one! ;) Easy to install, latency is really good and it easily drives my HD25-1-II. Keep it up, i'm looking forward for the speakers as well;)


Simply Stunning

Bought this as watching films using the pi’s onboard audio through the Bose system was a bit pants. Just literally finished testing it out and I’m blown away, sound is much louder, clearer and crisper. Can’t wait to try my balanced armature headphones to see what it sound like.
Can highly recommend this upgrade.


I'm Seriously Impressed

So I received my DAC+ earlier this week and have been using it standalone using the internal headphone amp which gave a very impressive sound. My HD650s take quite a bit of drive to sound good and the DAC+ managed to do an adequate job. Paired with my Schiit audio Vali 2 headphone amp this thing really comes alive. For the money it costs it's a must have for anyone who cares about good sound.

I realise I'm running it into a £150 amp with £300ish headphones but I definitely do not get the feeling I've gone cheap with the DAC.


Delightful results

The audio quality performance this device is capable of producing is not to be underestimated.

I'm not going to go into a great 'hearsay' description of comparisons with this or that and/or equipment used for listening and how it compares with 'whatever' but... one thing is sure, the audio performance is excellent.

I think anyone will enjoy the clean (and possibly slightly bright) performance that seems revealing with detail and space that is quite astonishing.

Buy one ..


One Year and still loving it!

Like the title says I have had the Pi-DAC+ and later added the Pi-Amp+ for a bit over a year. I am still loving this system! Sound and what I hear is really important to me, but I am an photographer and graphic artist with limited funds. I needed to find a way to get the sound I expected with a budget of $500. I built my whole system, speakers and sub to make a 2.1 system and I smile every time I turn this system on. Friends cannot believe this little box is making this kind of sound. First system I have owned that you can actually hear the difference between a CD quality FLAC file and a Studio Master FLAC file. Next upgrade will be the DAC pro. Make yourself a happy person and go for IQaudio products!



Just hooked up a spare Rpi B+ to the DAC+, installed Volumio, and connected it to my ageing Pioneer amp and Bose Acoustimass speakers. Could not believe the clarity and the bass!!!

Absolutely wonderful!!! Just what you need to reinvigorate your listening habit! And with BubblePnP, I can render my Google Music playlists to this setup - brilliant!!

Thanks IQAudIO!!

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Performance Beyond Its Price

Been looking for a reliable music server for my internet radios and was bowled over with the pi - Raspbian + Samba file server + miniDLNA combination which gave me a low cost, highly configurable and reliable music server. Adding this little beauty together with mpd player also gave me a high quality music player that I can connect direct to my external amplifier. Sound quality is superb.


Worthy replacement for Squeezebox Receiver

I installed a Pi-DAC+ on a Pi3 running PiCorePlayer and made a direct comparison with my Squeezebox Receiver, and the difference is very noticeable - the DAC+ allows me to hear details in my music that I haven't heard before. Still an easy listen, I have spent several hours enjoying the new experience. If you are a Squeezebox fan, a Pi and DAC+ is a real treat - recommended.


Outstanding Product and Customer Service

For my bartop arcade build, I wanted something better than the on-board audio. Did research, and saw a lot of people were really happy with the Pi-DAC+. Ordered, and received in less than a week, which is better than most turnaround times that I have when ordering from overseas.

Installation was a breeze, following the thorough directions in the guide. I was up and running in minutes, and the difference in audio quality is night and day, whether it is through the 3.5mm jack or by connecting an amplifier.

The only issue that I had was that I could not get some older media files to play. Gordon quickly identified my issue, which was to upsample the media, and I was off to the races. Will not hesitate to order again, and have already recommended to a couple of friends.



A knockout punch for sound improvement! I wasn't expecting as much of an improvement that the Pi-DAC+ provided. Wow, could not believe the improvement right through the sound stage. Bass, midrange and highs all improved. Even the tone/sound was clearer. One needs to have high res files like FLAC though to be able to get these improvements. In the future I will definitely be purchasing more IQaudiO product!


A Definite Game Changer

Bought this on a whim, thinking it would be just OK at best. To say the sound is surprising is a definite understatement, played through a Quad Elite Pre feeding two modified Quad 306 power amps into Martin logan Hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers this little DAC is musical, has an open and defined soundstage, superb tonal balance. I could go on and on , let's just say it equals and in some cases out performs high end streamers/dacs I have auditioned recently. Anyone looking for an HD source really should consider buying this first, I've spent more on a connection cable!

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PI-DAC+ for active speakers

Implemented a PI-DAC+ in a Raspberry PI 3B. Installation procedure on te IQAudio site was really self explaining. After that I have been playing around with KODI, Moode and Volumio installs. No running Volume 2.3 and that works with a few (Volumio) bugs.
The sound of the PI-DAC+ is outstanding, especially considering the cost.
I have the feeling that feeding the DAC from a linear power supply may further improve sound quality.

I an using the PI-DAC+ to empower small self built speaker into network speakers.
The PI/DAC combination is small enough to build into the speaker cabinet, so that will be the next step. Will require some fiddling to extract a Left/Right only signal.

After sales service from IQAudio/Gordon is also outstanding.
Very much recommended!


Cheap DAC, quality sound

I've now owned/operated the Pi-DAC+ for 6+ months, and I'm very pleased with it. Used in conjunction with Rune Audio, Minimserver, BubbleUPnPserver and various uPnP/OpenHome controllers, it provides an excellent source through my existing setup. I have tried comparing it to my existing Naim CD player, and the differences are subtle to say the least. Good value, good looks in the recently added Pi-CASE+!



I am really amazed by the clean sound coming from this small card. I knew sound would improve with a DAC, but this is way beyond my expectations. It is a real pleasure to hear when wired to an old amp using the RCA. I cannot even use to max volume (without the DAC I had to play at 100% and it was soft but very noisy). With the Harman Kardon headphones through the 3.5mm output I get a superb listening.

Last but not least, Gordon's support was quick and incredible (a problem with delivery partner actually, not IQaudIO).

Thank you for this little wonder.



The output/price ratio must be first percentile across consumer electronics! Having flashed a Rune Audio SD card and followed the website DAC installation instructions, my Raspberry Pi, amp and speakers are now effortlessly streaming music into my living room. And the sound quality is superb. Very happy indeed, highly recommended.


Buy it right now!!!

New life for my music collection.Great sound, very easy to install. I got a little help from Gordon, a very nice guy. PI-DAC+ I have made my best buy in years.
Abel, from Argentina


Son extraordinaire avec un casque

Cette carte son délivre un son extraordinaire avec un bon casque.
Le rapport qualité / prix est imbattable, installée sur un RPI 2 ou 3 avec Picoreplayer qui est super génial (en serveur ou lecteur) : gratuit et qui fonctionne dans la mémoire ram du pi. J'utilise picoreplayer comme serveur sur un rpi2 avec 8 radios squeezebox + 3 rpi avec DAC+, le systeme est super réactif et le son super !!!


Lovely new Sqeezebox player!

I assembled your DAC and case with my new Pi 3 mobo this morning. As piCorePlayer has just been updated to support the Pi 3, I am enjoying auditioning my new Squeezebox player. It sounds splendid.

Compliments on the very clever and elegant case design. Assembly was quick and straightforward.

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Hearing new sounds

I can't believe spending 30 something quid has allowed me hear things in my music collection I haven't heard before! It makes me wonder why you need to spend £100s or £1000s on hifi equipment. Truly excellent product and customer service.

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Perfect Squeezebox

I use this with Squeezeplug as a Squeezebox player. Used to use an old Android phone and it needed reboots all the time. The Pi-DAC+ with Squeezeplug is rock solid.

I'm amazed at the sound quality, especially at this price point. I prefer it to my $300 Headroom Overture DAC. Really phenomenal product -- thanks for making it!

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just really want to thank you for an excellent product. I bought a PI-DAC+ and have now installed it for local Flac files and got it working perfect with Spotify connect! Using it with Runeaudio on a PI3 with the build in WIFI.

I have used many expensive USB dac's and must say that it stands up fantastic.

I'm using it now through a Violectric V200 headphone amp and MrSpeakers headphones. Magic!

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RPI and PI-DAC+ - Flawless

Today I received the PI-DAC+ from IQAudio. I had been playing with the RPI 3, and found it to be a nice little computer.

The "build" was very simple, just followed the very clear instructions on the site to combine the PI and the PI-DAC+ - it came to life immediately. After burning the Roon RC3 image, and booting the PI, my Roon server immediately recognized the IQAudio DAC/DigiAMP as a networked device, and I was listening to a very nice and wide sound stage, with clear highs, and defined lows.

Needless to say, building the combined device in the Case that I bought from IQAudio was a very straightforward affair.

The only problem I have now encountered: I need another Raspberry PI to use for other projects.....or maybe a DigiAMP?

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Unbelievably great

There was an improvement after burn in of a day or so but this card was excellent from the off. It has a silky smooth top end, vivid instrumental timbres and fabulous rhythmic ability. This is the best digital source I have used. It almost sounds like vinyl. I have a Thorens turntable with SME arm and this device is perhaps not quite as transparent but so close and so enjoyable.

The only drawback is having to use Linux to use it- somehow I managed to ruin the sound through installing media players and the sd card corrupted itself. A fresh install sorted it out. I will be getting another if it's compatible with the pi 3, which I am waiting for at the moment!

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Great DAC with Max2Play

Great sounding DAC! Smooth highs and solid bass. Easily better than the Sabre 9023 which has been my favourite for some time. For Max2Play, before connecting the DAC to your Pi, remove all existing DAC entrys, select the Pi-DAC+ to install the drivers, do the required reboot/shutdowns, then connect your Pi-DAC+. Perfect!

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More than lives up to expectations

'nuff sed

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Wonderful - great sound, easy set up and really practical

Really impressed with this! It worked straight away on my Pi B+ with the downloaded SD card image and has been working well using Shairport-sync to stream audio from my iPhone via the Pi to my very old but lovely (Arcam A32 anyone!!) hi-fi set up. On wifi the streaming works really well. As everyone else has mentioned, the sound quality is fantastic and as well as working through speakers it has a great headphone out. Email support is also great and really helpful - I would thoroughly recommend. My next steps are to see if I can find a way to stream from bluetooth devices and also from a USB stick but that is for another day! Big thank you to IQaudio

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Amazing bit of kit...

I received this Pi-DAC+ in the post the other day and finally got around to assembling it. After some tinkering before its arrival with various media players I settled on Runeaudio as I liked its interface and the MPD support is great for iPad and iPod controller support using mPad or mPod.

Setup was a breeze, and the smoked case looks the nuts!

Sound quality is incredible. I was blind testing with one of my neighbours against my Cyrus 8vs amp and Cyrus 8SE CD player. We were using a new rip of the same tune using AAC 256bit encoding. To our ears they sounded the same - and I believe as your DAC beds in it may improve still yet further.

I am somewhat blown away by the quality of this little Pi equipped device - holding its own against equipment costing 10-15 times more is amazing. I am one happy chappie and shall be showing my friends this little system so you may get a few more orders yet.

Thanks guys - and it is the icing on the cake that the product is sourced from a UK based supplier too. Awesome!

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Stunning Sound

Just got my Pi-DAC+ in the mail yesterday. Connected it to my RPi B+, plugged in the cables to my Bryston pre-amp, booted up VolumIO on the Pi and activated the I2S DAC option and turned on hardware volume control.

All I can say is, the sound is absolutely stunning. I'm hearing detail in tracks that I've never experienced before. The Pi-DAC+ replaces an HRT MusicStreamer II+, which was excellent, but no match for the IQAudIO DAC.

A friend of mine brought by his Playback Designs MPD-3 DAC the other day and hooked it up to my system. While I believe it sounded a bit better than the Pi-DAC+, it costs $6000, so for $46 I'm getting close to that sound.

Very glad it "worked out of the box" with my VolumIO system running on the Pi as well.

When my wife went to bed I moved the unit into my study and listened to music using UE Triple-Fi earphones plugged into the headphone jack of the DAC. Once again, the sound was just fantastic.

Just ordered the case and looking forward to its arrival. Might need to order a second unit as a portable headphone playback solution.

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Great service, great product

Definitely an upgrade from my old Squeezebox 2. Next day delivery (during the Christmas holiday week), was also fantastic. I also purchased a case - everything fitted together very easily. Now I'm wondering how good the AMP would sound for a secondary system! Thank you Gordon!

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Pi-DAC+ Stunning Sound !!

This was a last minute present.
Quickly assembled with Pi and Pi case and SD card flashed with Moode.
Worked straight away, just needing some volume level changes and that was it.
The sound is stunning and is an upgrade on my Marantz CD player feeding digital via co-ax to an Arcam iRDAC.
It has rhythm drive and subtlety when needed. The treble is beautifully judged, detailed and not harsh. The Mid's and Bass are excellent. I was not expecting this level of quality. So far I have tried wav @ 16Bit / 44.1khz and flac @ 24Bit / 96Khz.over a wired connection from my old sinology NAS drive.Right now Cassandra Wilson and her band are on stage at the other end of my room which was getting quite spooky as the afternoon light was just fading which heightened the impression.
A very happy Ray, Cambs.UK

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Putting the High Back in Fidelity

I do not know what audio alchemy Gordon has conjured up over at the IQaudiO laboratories, nor do I need to understand. What I do know is that one can experience this phenomenon and all without the use of mind-altering, bending or expanding substances. The natural high has been restored to fidelity by way of the Pi-DAC+.

After picking my jaw up off of the floor during my first listen using a Bottlehead Crack amp + Speedball + HD650 Headphones, I tried to understand what the hell had just happened? My beloved music library now sounded more organic, ethereal, relaxed. Analog even. There was a level of detail that allowed me to discover nuances in tracks that I am very familiar which had previously gone undetected. There was a rhythm and pace to the music that I had not felt before. I was high on the fidelity, moved and awestruck. And all this from a small, innocuous device that looks like it has no right to be providing such a luxurious musical experience. (The Pi-DAC+ build, PCB quality and construction is however excellent and I was very pleased I chose the translucent Pi-Case+)

Looking back and forth between the tiny Pi-DAC+ and my audio rack stacked with various DAC’s and digital sources….. Son of a….!!!

Gordon is a purveyor of an exceptional DAC for the Pi and provider of outstanding service. Shipping to the US of A was at the speed of light. Packaging was top notch, instructions clear and concise. Highly recommended.

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Pi-Dac+ Best Audiophile Upgrade

I would just like to say how blown away I have been by this wonderful dac.

The sound is crystal clear from it and the soundstage and air created is really truly special.

Vocals and instruments have lots of room and the details from the music shine through.

I have quite a few usb dac's in the hundreds of pounds catergory but the pi-dac+ blows them all away easily.

Basically this is the best money I have ever spent on an hi-fi product.

Cheers to Gordon for his great support too.


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The de-facto audiophile DAC for the Raspberry Pi. This latest revision of our Pi-DAC+ is pre-programmed for auto detection & exposes the full Raspberry Pi GPIO header providing easy access for buttons, sensors, screens etc.

Line out: 2x Phono/RCA

Headphone: 3.5mm socket

Complete with PCB spacers (9mm) & screws. 

Compatible with all 40way Raspberry Pi (inc RPi4)

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