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  • Project case specifically designed for the following combination: Raspberry Pi3 Model B+ NEW Pi-DAC PRO NEW XLR Board link Available in Smoked (transparent) Grey  NOTE - NOT suitable for the Raspberry Pi4

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  • Project case suitable for the Raspberry Pi3 Model A+ AND new IQaudIO boards... NEW Pi-DAC+ NEW Pi-DAC PRO NEW Pi-DigiAMP+ Available in Smoked (transparent) Grey NOTE - Not suitable for the full size Raspberry Pi 3B+ / Pi4 OR our previous Legacy audio board revisions.  

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    Project cases suitable for the Raspberry Pi 3 AND IQaudIO boards... Pi-DAC+ Pi-DAC PRO Pi-DigiAMP+ Colour combinations: Smoked (transparent) Grey / Matt Black NOTE: NOT suitable for the Raspberry Pi4 NOT suitable for the Pi-CODEC+

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items